Who benefits and how to start?

What kind of housing companies benefit from energy renovations?

Energy renovations can benefit all kinds of housing companies. The financial benefits are greatest for blocks of flats that were built before the 21st century. In Helsinki, there are a total of approximately 260,000 dwellings in such blocks of flats.

How do you start energy renovations?

We have compiled useful tips for homeowners and housing companies on how to facilitate energy renovations. The first step towards smart and financially viable renovations is contacting the Helsinki City energy advisory team. Another option is the commissioning of an energy efficiency survey. Commissioning an energy efficiency survey does not impose any binding obligations on the housing company; it simply provides information on what kind of energy renovation would be effective.

What kind of help is available for energy renovations?

To make it easier for housing companies in Helsinki to carry out energy renovations, the City is offering concrete help for them. The Energy advisory team established under the City of Helsinki’s Building Control Services provides housing companies with impartial support in all the planning stages of energy renovations.

The team’s experts can participate in a housing company’s meetings and help the housing company’s board of directors prepare invitations to tender for example. Read more about the services of the Energy advisory team »

Motiva’s website also provides advice for housing companies and tips on other parties that advise in energy matters all across Finland.

For single-family houses, energy advice is provided in Finnish by HSY.

Did you not find the information that you were looking for? You can request more information from the City’s Energy advisory team »