How to proceed

Here’s how

  1. 1
    General meeting

    Decide on the commissioning of an energy efficiency survey at your housing company’s general meeting.

    This is the first step towards finding a financially viable solution. For a block of flats, an energy efficiency survey usually costs a few thousand euros, which is a minor investment in relation to the eventual savings.

  2. 2
    Energy efficiency survey

    Commission an energy efficiency survey and identify the most effective measures for improving energy efficiency.

    Energy efficiency surveys are carried out by multiple service providers, and their scope can vary. The City of Helsinki’s energy experts provide impartial guidance on the commissioning of energy efficiency surveys.

  3. 3

    Utilise the results of the energy efficiency survey and prepare a plan for improving the energy efficiency of the housing company.

  4. 4
    Tendering and realisation

    Invest in the most effective measures and plan the work with a professional.

    The City’s energy experts provide support to housing companies in the process, but housing companies are still responsible for the actual ordering, realisation and payment of renovations.